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These unique water soluble, multi-use flavorings are some of most finest
food grade flavors suitable for cosmetic, culinary or beverage flavor applications.

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27 Bears Flavor by Capella 27 Fish Flavor by Capella Acai Berry Flavor by Capella
Apple Pie Flavor by Capella Apple Pie V2 Flavor by Capella Apple Snacks Flavor by Capella
Apricot Flavor by Capella Banana Flavor by Capella Banana Split Flavor by Capella
Bavarian Cream Flavor by Capella Berry Blend Flavor by Capella Burley Blend Flavor by Capella's
Capella Berry Cooler Capella Biscuit Capella Black Currant
Capella Berry Cooler
Price: $3.95

Capella Biscuit
Price: $3.95

Capella Black Currant
Price: $3.95

Capella Blackberry Capella Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Capella Blueberry
Capella Blueberry
Price: $3.95

Capella Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Capella Blueberry Extra Flavor Capella Blueberry Jam
Capella Blueberry Pomegranate Capella Boston Cream Pie V2 Capella Bubble Gum
Capella Butter Cream Capella Butter Pecan Capella Cake Batter
Capella Candied Watermellon (NEW) Capella Cantaloupe Capella Cappuccino V2


At The Brew Time Vaper Flavors, we are proud to offer Capella Flavor Drops like grapefruit flavor, blueberry jam flavor, super sweet enhancers, sweet mango, sweet strawberry flavor and a whole lot more made with the finest ingredients and have the long-lasting flavor and great taste. We have over 130 Capella flavor concentrates here in our store to create any kind of Cake's, Candies and e-liquids to enjoy for pennies a bottle and a few drops that's all it takes in a 30 ml bottle with your Vegetable Glycerin . With our tools and your flavor idea's the sky is the limit for making your DIY E-Juice recipes and if you get tired of a flavor just make another one.