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Vegetable Glycerin 99.7% USP High Grade Liquids And Propylene Glycol 99.9%. The main base for making ejuice


Many flavors to choose from for you to be the mastermind of creations. Over 400 flavor's for you to enjoy.






    The Brew Time Vaper-Online Make Your Own E-Juice Store

    At The Brew Time Vaper Flavours, we provide a wide selection of e-juice supplies and tools for our customer.. Our online DIY E-Juice supply store is designed to provide access to the highest quality tools and accessories with the most competitive prices available. The Brew Time Vaper Flavours online store is an authorized re-seller of many of the top flavor concentrates and e-juice supplies such as Capella,Flavour Art,Inawera,The Flavor Apprentice,Liquid Barn,Great Lakes and much more. We have the knowledge to help you find exactly what you need. We are authorized re-seller's of all of our product's not manufactures, we buy and re-sell. We are a family owned business for over 4 years now and our water soluble high strength professional food grade flavor concentrates can be used for making e-liquid and beverages like pop (sodas), coffees and teas, craft beers or wines. Ice creams, shakes, snow cones and cotton candy (candy floss). Enhance your food flavors or use our store as a one stop shop for making e-juice or for making desserts like cakes or cupcakes candy making or taffy, pastries, confectionery, aromatherapy, and so much more!


    At The Brew Time Vaper Flavours we are one of best online make your own e-juice flavor concentrate supply shops, We are committed to offer you a more personalized online shopping experience with consistency, quality and service as our priority. All of our flavor concentrates and ingredients have been selected and tested for their superior grade, purity and freshness.


    We are the one stop shop, we have everything you will need to for your DIY experience like (bottle's,lab-ware for measuring your liquid's, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Why go anywhere but here its all at the click of a mouse and we try are best to give you the lowest price possible. If you find a cheaper price Tell Us and we will try and match it as best as possible for you to return to our store. We Our equipped with a HEPA filtration Portable Positive Pressure clean room system unit here for the protection of air born particles. Here at The Brew Time Vaper Flavours the customer is our priority and it should be the same at every store in business that's how we roll here..


    The vaping community is all about great taste and choices. Weather you been doing it for a while or just starting out you are always asking yourself, man I wish I can make an e-juice just like the ones in the vape shops. Finding the right vape juice is hard but finding the exact juice for you is impossible. You have searched high and low but thats were we come in to play, we are proud to assist you in finding your juice. Its the same as making your favorite foods you would rather try it at home instead of paying top dollar at restaurants, and you also want to save money.


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