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DIY Flavour Concentrates


Where to buy DIY Ejuice supplies in Canada has many options to find the best store, but look no further for making Vape Shop quality E-Liquids as easy as 123. When using Ejuice Supplies in Canada and DIY Flavours the flavor combinations are endless. E-Cig Liquid is very expensive and sometimes we go through a huge amount, but with using E-Juice Supplies in Hamilton, it is very affordable and very easy to do. Here are some best selling flavor concentrates below, multiple flavors can be combined together to create one flavor.

Vegetable Glycerin is the base for your Vape Juice, Propylene Glycol is the Flavor Carrier in your E-Liquids and will give you a greater throat hit in Making Your Own E-Juice. The Premixed Base is basically Unflavored E-Juice ready to vape, you just have to add your perfect flavor concentrates. Polyethelene Glycol is a liquidizer. With DIY Ejuice Supplies in Canada, you save on shipping cost's and time.


One Shots have 6-7 flavors to create one unique flavor.


Chose your high quality ingredients for your e-liquid at the lowest price possible, sourced in Canada.


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Whether your an expert level e-juice wizard or your just getting started with DIY E-Juice, The Brew Time Vaper wants to be your one-stop shop for everything you need to make your own e-juice. From simple mixing recipes to state-of-the-art mixing equipment made specifically for e-liquids, we have it all right here. Looking for inspiration? Check out our fantastic selection of flavor concentrates and other e-juice making ingredients to kick-start your next e-juice recipes.

Our number one concern is empowering you to make a product you and your friends will love without overselling you on fancy gadgets. Our specialized home vape juice supplies are here to make mixing easier, but we never tell you you can't make a great e-liquid recipe without a particular piece of equipment. Find the tools that work best for you and perfect your craft with the help of our resources and knowledgeable staff. If your just getting started with using DIY Flavours, it is lots of fun and the flavor combinations are endless.

We are a 100% Online Store and also have a free pick-up location located in downtown Hamilton for people interested in buying e-juice supplies and the tools for creating some wonderful food recipes or candies, also you can make your own E-Liquids for the special occasion.

We have a wide variety of flavors concentrates and top flavor brands like Capella, Flavor West, The Flavor Apprentice and have all the tools like Bottles, Syringes and more.

We have reward points to earn and we ship to anywhere in Canada and FREE SHIPPING over $99.00 under 3 kgs. So enjoy our store and begin making your treats and soda's and e-juice today for a fraction of the price and save your money. Once an order is placed and in the final stages to ship, it can not be changed.

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Customer's are coming to our site to buy our flavor concentrates to add to there foods, drinks, cakes etc... Some people are adding them to there E-Liquids to get that perfect flavor.

We do not encourage the use of any tobacco products. Making your own e-juice from our product's is clearly at your own risk.

Any order's shipped Canada Post will have an age verification and you will need to show Photo ID in able to receive your packages and if you do not have some kind of ID your package will be returned to us with NO REFUND so make sure your over the age of 19 years.


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