Flavorah Flavour Concentrates

Flavorah is a very proud and has a passion for providing the best
flavor profiles in there food-grade flavor concentrates. With over 150
flavors to choose from, there high-grade super potency concentrates
you only need a few drops in your mix for some wonderful e-liquid flavors.
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Apple Filling by Flavorah Banana Flavor by Flavorah Berry Blend Flavor by Flavorah
Apple Filling by Flavorah
Price: $12.95

Berry Cheesecake by Flavorah Biscotti by Flavorah Blood Orange Flavor by Flavorah
Blueberry Flavor by Flavorah Boysenberry Flavor by Flavorah Brulee by Flavorah
Candy Roll Flavor by Flavorah Chocolate Deutch by Flavorah Cinnamon Crunch Flavor by Flavorah
Cinnamon Roll by Flavorah Citrus Soda Flavor by Flavorah Connecticut Shade Flavor by Flavorah
Cookie Dough Flavor by Flavorah Cookie Flavor by Flavorah Cotton Candy by Flavorah
Cranberry Flavor by Flavorah Cream Flavor by Flavorah Creme De Menthe Flavor by Flavorah
Donuts by Flavorah Dragon Fruit Flavor by Flavorah Frosting Flavor by Flavorah
Donuts by Flavorah
Price: $12.95
Ginger Snap by Flavorah Graham Cracker Flavor by Flavorah Grape Flavor by Flavorah
Guanabana Flavor by Flavorah Jackfruit Flavor by Flavorah Lemon Tea by Flavorah
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Flavorah brand flavors are known to be a bit in the higher price range, but well worth it. These awesome flavors will definitely keep you coming back for more and the flavors are extreme and also long-lasting. If you are looking for a great taste and flavor for your DIY E-Juice, these Flavorah flavor concentrates are the one to use for all your recipes .

Making Your Own E-Juice
Making your own e-liquids is a very simple process using the tools we have on our website and flavors when you get it right your finished product will be an awesome premium vape shop e-juice made for pennies a bottle and is a ton of fun doing it. We have a video on how its done and shows you step by step how to mix and how much to add when making your vape juice. DIY E-Juice is a lot of fun and its a hobby really and never get tired of vaping the same juice all day just make another one or ten and have a large supply at hand for all your needs.