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Boysenberry by Flavorah Cookie by Flavorah Cream by Flavorah
Boysenberry by Flavorah
Price: $5.00

Cream by Flavorah
Price: $5.00
Creme De Menthe by Flavorah Mango by Flavorah Milk and Honey by Flavorah
Mango by Flavorah
Price: $5.00
Peach Gummy by Flavorah Raspberry by Flavorah Root Beer by Flavorah
Wild Melon by Flavorah
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Flavorah brand flavors are known to be a bit in the higher price range, but well worth it. These awesome flavors will definitely keep you coming back for more and the flavors are extreme and also long-lasting. If you are looking for a great taste and flavor for your DIY E-Juice kits these Flavorah flavor concentrates are the one to use for all your recipes .

Making Your Own E-Juice
Making your own e-liquids is a very simple process using the tools we have on our website and flavors when you get it right your finished product will be an awesome premium vape shop e-juice made for pennies a bottle and is a ton of fun doing it. We have a video on how its done and shows you step by step how to mix and how much to add when making your vape juice. DIY E-Juice is a lot of fun and its a hobby really and never get tired of vaping the same juice all day just make another one or ten and have a large supply at hand for all your needs.