CleanX Brand hand sanitizer in Hamilton stands apart
from other brands with it's 80% strength and lavender
fragrance and also a gel makes it a superior product on the market today.
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CleanX Hand Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer
The NEW CleanX Hand Sanitizing Gel in Hamilton and Canada is formulated with 80% alcohol to protect fully from germs and viruses. With lavender oils and pure Vegetable Glycerin, it makes the most moisturizing hand sanitizer on the market today to prevent dryness and irritation while reducing the spread of germs.

This hand sanitizing gel can be used as often as needed when you have no soap and water nearby and penetrate the skin to kill certain types of germs and bacteria. We are very proud to be an authorized re-seller of this CleanX Hand Sanitizing Gel and become very popular in these hard times. Our hand sanitizer gel stands far from other competitors with it's 80% strength and super moisturizing agents.