The Brew Time Vaper's unflavored e-liquid is a great way to skip the measuring by purchasing a bottle of unflavored e-liquid in Canada at our store is ready to vape by itself or with our wide variety of flavors. Just add your flavorings and shake and vape. You can get our unflavored e-juice in 70% Vegetable Glycerin and 30% Propylene Glycol or 80%/20% it's up to you, you choose the ratio that you prefer. Our regular liquid nicotine for e-juice comes in a 60mg strength that you can break down to a 3mg, 6mg or whatever you wish.Here we supply premium nicotine concentrate in pharmaceutical grade at 60mg ensuring maximum safety with minimum toxicity risk. This product is 100% organic and not synthetic. Our nicotine is a premium product manufactured by LIX and we assure you that its the finest on the market today.

I am of legal age to purchase tobacco products in my province or state and I have experience in mixing eLiquids. I understand the toxicity risks involved with handling and mixing nicotine concentrate and that in no way, shape or form will I hold The Brew Time Vaper or its associates responsible for negligence in handling or improper mixing. I agree that I am purchasing this product completely at my own risk and for the use in blending eLiquids ONLY.
WARNING: All order's with Nicotine will be shipped Canada Post Age Verification which means you MUST produce Photo ID to the postman on arrival so PLEASE make sure you are over the age of 19 Years Thank You.
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Flavourless Nicotine Salt Flavourless Nicotine Salt LIX Brand Nicotine 60 mg
Flavourless Salt Base Nicotine (60MG) 1000ML
Price: $89.00
You'll earn 400 points
Flavourless Salt Base Nicotine (60MG) 120ML
Price: $25.00
You'll earn 100 points

The NEW LIX Brand Nicotine (Freebase) (60MG) 1000ml
Price: $79.00
You'll earn 400 points
The New LIX Brand Nicotine Lix Brand Nicotine 12 mg Lix Brand Nicotine 60 mg
The NEW LIX Brand Nicotine (Freebase) (6MG) 1000ml
Price: $45.00
You'll earn 200 points

The NEW LIX Brand Nicotine (Freebase) (12MG) 1000ML
Price: $50.00
You'll earn 250 points

The NEW LIX Brand Nicotine (Freebase) (60MG) 120ml
Price: $20.00
You'll earn 100 points

The NEW LIX Brand Nicotine (3MG) 1000ml DIY E-Juice Starter Kit E-Liquid Starter Kit
DIY E-Juice Starter Kit
Price: $50.00
You'll earn 250 points

The NEW! Easy Vape MYO E-Liquid Kits
Price: $19.99
You'll earn 100 points

Having a good quality Nicotine and other ingredients in E-Liquids makes a great overall experience and flavor. We take great pride in providing our customers with the highest level of quality and customer care possible in everything we get in our store. Our Nicotine is to be the purest and cleanest of any other from around the world. It comes in multiple sizes like a 120ml bottle, 500ml and 1000ml size and strengths.

Our Liquid Nicotine is top quality and will be hard to find a more tasteless and colorless solution around. All of our Flavourless Nicotine comes from Canada only and not from any countries that add dangerous chemicals to make a bad experience with vaping. So we want to be your one-stop shop for all your needs and to have a wonderful vaping experience.