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concentrates in Canada and now in Hamilton.
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Amaretto by Lorann Apple by Lorann Banana Cream by Loranns
Apple by Lorann
Price: $3.95
Banana Cream by Loranns
Price: $3.95

Banana Cream Clear (Colorless) by Lorann Bavarian Cream by Lorann Blackberry by Lorann
Blueberry (Clear) by LA Blueberry by Loranns Bubblegum (Clear) by LA
Bubblegum by Lorann Flavors Butter Rum by Lorann Flavors Butterscotch by Lorann Flavors
Canadian Maple by Lorann Flavors Cappuccino by Lorann Flavors Caramel (Clear) by Lorann
Caramel by Lorann Cheesecake by Lorann Cherry by Lorann
Caramel by Lorann
Price: $3.95
Cherry by Lorann
Price: $3.95
Chocolate by Lorann Cinnamon by Lorann Coconut by Loranns
Coconut by Loranns
Price: $3.95

Cool Creme De Menthe by Lorann Cotton Candy by Lorann Cranberry by Lorann
Cream Cheese Icing by Loranns Creme de Menthe by Lorann Egg Nog by Lorann
Egg Nog by Lorann
Price: $3.95
English Toffee by Lorann Grape by Loranns Green Apple by Lorann
Grape by Loranns
Price: $3.95


If you are making your own ejuice, cakes or ice cream, you really want the best flavor concentrates on the market with both flavor, taste and quality. With our store, we are very excited and proud to have these high quality Lorann flavors in Canada and in our store. These flavors give you a little something extra when it comes to your ejuice recipes and food recipes. with a large flavor selection to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect flavor that will delight your taste buds.

Loranns food grade fruit flavors are the most popular, whether you like a tart cranberry flavor or a sweet maple taste, you will find the right one for you every time you make your selection. You can even blend two or three flavor combinations together to make your perfect fruit punch flavor or ice cream's. Loranns flavors are perfect for making e-liquids and candies to kick-start your next recipe.