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Authorized resellers of The Flavor Apprentice. Multiuse flavours
for Culinary, Beverage or Cosmetic applications.
Highly Concentrated Multiuse flavours, Dilution required.

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Absinthe by TFA / TPA Acai by The Flavor Apprentice Acetyl Pyrazine 5% by TFA /
Absinthe by TFA / TPA
Price: $3.95

Almond Amaretto by TFA Almond Flavor by TFA / TPA Apple (Tart Granny Smith) by The Flavor Apprentice
Almond Amaretto by TFA
Price: $3.95

Apple (Tart Green Apple) by The Flavor Apprentice Apple by TFA / TPA Apple Candy TPA/TPA
Apple Candy TPA/TPA
Price: $3.95

Apple Pie Flavor by TFA / TPA Apricot by TFA / TPA/ NEW! Banana by TFA / TPA
Banana Cream Flavor by TFA / TPA Banana Foster by TFA / TPA Banana Nut Bread Flavor by TFA / TPA
Bavarian Cream by TFA / TPA Berry Cereal by The Flavor Apprentice Berry Mix by The Flavor Apprentice
Black Cherry Flavor by TFA / TPA Black Currant Flavor by TFA / TPA Black Honey by TFA / TPA
Blackberry Flavor by The Flavor Apprentice Blood Orange by TFA / TPA Blue Raspberry by TFA / TPA
Blueberry (Candy) by TFA / TPA Blueberry (Extra) Flavor by The Flavor Apprentice Blueberry (Wild) Flavor by The Flavor Apprentice
Boysenberry by The Flavor Apprentice Boysenberry Deluxe by The Flavor Apprentice Brown Sugar by TFA / TPA
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The Flavor Apprentice is one of the most popular flavors concentrates products on the market today. Ever since 2014, The Brew Time Vaper Flavors has supplied our customers with the freshest flavor concentrates all over Canada. The Flavor Apprentice has a wide variety to choose from like (candy flavors and strawberry flavors, fruit flavors, tobacco flavors, chocolate flavors, cereals flavors, liquor flavors, and dairy flavors) and many more flavors. We know you will enjoy mixing your very own e-juice flavors by experimenting and adding some menthol flavor or try some banana to your strawberry and some sweetener flavor, also try our very best dilutions of your choice like Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Nicotine to add a little kick to your e-liquid. Whether you are just starting out or you became a wizard mixer pro, you come to the right place, The Flavor Apprentice flavor selection of concentrates has something to offer everyone.