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SUPPLIES TO MAKE YOUR OWN CANDIE'S,CAKE'S,COOKIE'S,POP'S, E-JUICE AND A WHOLE LOT MORE...The Brew Time Vaper Flavours is this website's name and is 100% owned by The Brew Time Vaper Flavours. Our company operates strictly through the Internet. If you don't see what your looking for feel free to reach out to us. We may be reached by email. One of our customer service representatives will contact you promptly. Contacting us threw email is the most effective means of getting help. Phone calls will be answered promptly. Our business phone is (905)962-6242.

About Us

We started 4 years ago in Hamilton,Ontario. And since that time we had grown very quickly.

1- Pricing- Are pricing is a little bit lower than the average bear just to save you a little more.

2- Shipping – We offer really fast shipping – We use Express Post or Expedited all parcels for faster shipping.

3- Payment Method-You can use PayPal or E-Transfer on checkout.

4- Customer service- we offer the very best customer service in Canada.
. We are equipped with a Positive Pressure Clean Room system for the protection of air born particles . We also wear eye-shields, protective clothing, hairnets, beard-nets, and gloves.

At The Brew Time Vaper Flavours We sell 4 ingredient's ( Flavoring,PG & VG & Nicotine ) We supply you with tools and ingredients with our flavor concentrates to create wonderful DIY products like Pop's,Soda's Cake's,Candy's,Juice's,Drink's,E-Juice) and a whole lot more. We have a wide variety of flavor's,PG and VG for the master mind of mixing.

Contact Number is 905-962-6242
Email Address is
Location for Pickup-19 Richwill Rd Unit 214,Hamilton,Ontario,Canada.
Upper James and Mohawk Area,Please call before you pickup to see if we are here.
Just Ask For Chris..We accept PayPal & E-Mail-Transfer.