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In the vaping world it all about great flavors and taste and thinking about making the best e-juice ever. If your just beginning or doing it for a while now you always wish you can create the most mouth watering and best tasting e-liquid out there. But choosing the right flavor is hard and making the greatest vaping juice is even harder. So you come to the right place and we are glad to assist you in your DIY make your own e-juice recipes.

You will need some basic tools and some ingredients to help you along the way and do some experimenting along the way of making your own vape juice. Its like making your own favorite dish or cakes you have to try and try again to get it just right but don't worry because any recipe you make it will still taste awesome and alot better tasting than smoking. So put your gloves on and get ready to enter the world of DIY E-Juice and save a whole bunch of money

The main 2 ingredients for the base of the e-liquid is Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, otherwise referred as VG or PG, this is a (diluent). So the Flavoring and Nicotine these are very concentrated and have to be diluted thats were the VG&PG come to play they carry the concentrates making up most of the volume of the juice.
There are huge differences with VG&PG, they have different tastes and throat hits when you vape them. The most common ratios for e-liquid are around 70%/30% or 80%/20% and some with a higher throat hit are 50%/50%. You will want a little of both to experiment with as you are first getting started.
You will find PG commonly used in foods,asthma inhalers, and care products. PG helps carry the flavor and won't change the flavor as much as VG will and PG will give you a stronger throat hit. VG is sweeter and much more thicker than PG and will give off much more vape clouds and slightly change the taste of your awesome creation of your vape liquid.

    If you were a heavy smoker you might want to add some Nicotine to you vape juice but thats totally up to you, some people vape just VG&PG alone because it has a nice sweet taste naturally. Nicotine has a flavor all on its own so the higher the level of Nicotine added to your juice the less flavor of your flavor concentrates you will taste, people generally mix a 3-6mg e-juice this way you can still really taste the flavor concentrates in the e-juice. And handle Nicotine with caution because Nicotine is harmful and is a Toxic Chemical and is very addictive and if you are pregnant it can harm the fetus so consult with your doctor before using Nicotine. People generally buy Nicotine in 48mg to 100mg strength and very small amounts go a very long way and please use precautionary measures when you are handling this Toxic chemical its very dangerous stuff use gloves when handling please

    The very last thing use will need to create the awesome e-liquid is flavors! There are all kinds of great flavors out there specially designed for vaping rather than food. The mixing ratio for flavors are different of course with each brand,some have a ratio of 3-4% and others have a ratio of 0.1%-1%. Use your own taste pallet and experiment to find the perfect sweet spot of your own so away you go on creating a mouth watering tasting e-liquid and make your own e-juice and save your money. (To make a 30ml bottle at a 3mg strength (which is best when starting out) use our 10ml syringes and using our 60mg Nicotine add 1.5ml of the nicotine and using The Flavor Apprentice flavors add 3ml of flavor and 25.5ml of Vegetable Glycerin or basically just top up the bottle with the VG. And there you have it Premium E-Juice in under 5 mins, just shake it and put in a glass of really warm water (not boiling) for 10 minutes and then shake wildly for 2 minutes and shake N vape your premium e-liquid. Have fun creating you own labeling and share the love with others, its a ton of fun. Please Vape Responsibly.