ADDITIVES Give your flavors a little kick or spice them up with our flavor additives, you can make them more sour and tangy or cooler on the exhale it's up to you and make the best vape juice ever.
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Capella Powerful Sour Ethyl Maltol by TFA / TPA Flavor Enhancer Kit
Flavor Enhancer Kit
15.99 $15.99
Price: $15.99
Price Now: $12.99
Savings: $3.00

Flavor West Sour Flavour Art Bitter Wizard Flavour Art MTS Vape Wizard
Flavor West Sour
Price: $3.00
Flavour Art Sour Wizard Koolada (10%) by TFA / TPA Koolada WS23 GL
Koolada WS23 GL
Price: $3.00

Smooth Flavor by TFA / TPA Sour eLiquid Extract (Flavor Enhancer) Tart and Sour by Loranns
Vanillin 10% Flavoring by TFA / TPA WS-23 Flavor
WS-23 Flavor
Price: $3.00