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laboratory glassware and syringes

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COILMASTER DIY KIT V3 Tool Kit 1000ml Glass Graduated Cylinder
Price: $59.99

Tool Kit
Price: $42.99

500ml Glass Graduated Cylinder Digital Scale 250ml Glass Graduated Cylinder
100ml Glass Graduated Cylinder 50 ML Graduated Cylinder COILMASTER DIY KIT V3
50 ML Graduated Cylinder
Price: $12.95

Price: $8.99

250 ml Glass Science Beaker 50 ml Glass Science Beaker 60ml Terumo Syringe Only Luer Lock Tip
A 5ml syringe in a sterilized package great for measuring liquids for your mixes. 3ml Syringe Luer-Lok Tip Syringe Blunt Tip Needles 14g x 1.5 For Luer Lok
Eclipse Needle 18g x 1.5 For Luer Lok 3ml Glass Pipette E-Juice Label
3ml Glass Pipette
Price: $0.99


mixing tools for your liquids

Quality and affordable chemistry lab glassware for education, industry or home use. Chemistry lab glassware withstands thermal shock & chemical attack better than most other kinds and is the material of choice for use in e-juice making, essential oils and aromas, and many other applications.

great supplies

At the end of the day treating yourself to mixing and measuring your favorite custom e-juice or e-liquid is a way to relax and enjoy yourself and leave this world and go to a better place. Creating your awesome vaping flavor, whether you're just starting out our been doing it for a while in the comfort of your home, look no further you're at the right place. Since 2014 The Brew Time Vaper Flavors has been changing peoples lives by supplying our customers with the finest ingredients and supplies available. We have all the accessories a DIYer needs to start creating their own e-juices. Check out our flavors and Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol and Nicotine and enjoy your experiments and save your money.

quality supplies

We have a wide range of supplies which includes measuring equipment, bottles, syringes, needle tips, rubber gloves, graduated cylinders and a whole lot more. Our plastic bottles come in sizes 10ml,30ml,60ml,120ml,240ml,500ml,1000ml and a 4 litre jug. These bottles are designed for great pouring and come with child safety caps because you can't be too careful.

We also supply measuring containers that are great for mixing your vape juices. Take a look at our selection of graduated cylinders and beakers in a range of sizes with easy measuring numbers and lines, and also for easy transfer of e-liquid ingredients we have all types of syringes and pipettes for fine tuning your measuring.

So have a look at our e-juice accessories today and create some of the best e-liquids on this planet and vape away for pennies a bottle and save your money. Please contact us with any questions and vape responsively.